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Easy Way To Fill And Clean Cartomizers

I found a simple way to refill my blu cartomizers today and this would work just the same to clean them as well.

Using an oral syringe
Oral Syringe
remove the tip and inner rubber ring off of the cartomizer
Remove Cap
and press it firmly into the end of the end of the syringe.

Now you need a bottle of e juice big enough to stick the metal end of the cartomizer (the part that screws into the battery) down into and suck up the e juice into the syringe and then expel any extra.

After the first try which was a success but being a mom I have all kinds of things laying around and since my e juice bottles are a bit on the small size it was a bit messy...I took the straw from an old flip lid sippy cup of my now 4 year old
Sippy Cup
and wedged the metal tip of the cartomizer (the one that screws into the battery) into it and it fit perfectly
Set Up
and then putting the straw into the jar and drawing the e juice into the syringe. Now my cartomizers are fully filled and so much easier and more juice than trying to drip fluid into cartomizer or using the needle-nose bottle.

Then replace the inner rubber ring and the cap and blow out excess e juice.

To clean simply do the same as above but with water or some use alcohol and vola you have a clean cartomizer...let sit and dry before refilling

Happy Vaping!
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2013-07-05 20:51:03
Actually trying to improve/simplify....I've come up with a much easier and cheaper way

trim the tip off until you can snugly force the end of the cartomizer into the end of the pipette and follow the above directions


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